In Mid 2011, 49 Students graduated from Billy Blue College of Design and my role was as the Art Director / Project Manager (Digital Media), and maintaining the efficiency of the production team of 20 young designers.

The Graduation Exhibition in Billy Blue is considered as a live project where a group of students create a brief for themselves.

The concept directed the design community through a narrative of visual responses, based on the typical exchange that occurs during an interview for a design position. This approach provided attendees with a unique introduction to 49 fledgling creatives. Young designers revealed their personality, aspirations and inspirations in addition to their design skills. We aimed to supply industry with a head start in finding designers that are the ‘right fit’ on more important levels than simply design execution capabilities.

This exhibition was one in its kind in the Billy Blue’s History where all of the students work even the communication designers were portrayed digitally and the guests could interact with the exhibitors through iPads and iPhones at various locations inside the exhibition space.

Below are the links to
Online Design Directory: www.billyblue.edu.au/vol1

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/exhibitvolno1

Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/#!/VolNo1